Transgender in the Workplace

The Complete Guide to New Authenticity for Employers and Gender-Diverse Professionals

Offering a fresh and practical perspective for employers and gender-diverse professionals, this book presents powerful tools, information, and resources to help organizations and individuals to understand and leverage the power of gender authenticity as a pathway to business success.

Praeger, 2018

The Complete Guide to Transgender in the Workplace

As The Complete Guide to Transgender in the Workplace demonstrates, there is a strong business case for treating transgender workers with dignity. Its tips, guidelines, and policy examples will help organizations enhance the bottom line, while keeping the workplace harmonious. An in-depth and informative volume, the book offers unique tools, practical information, and a variety of resources that will enable business leaders and organizations to deal effectively with the transgender phenomenon. It will also help workers struggling with their identities and will give strength to those who are secure, but have yet to come out.

Praeger, 2018

Transgender Journeys

Based on their own journeys as transgender Christians, Mollenkott and Sheridan have created an inspiring book about hope, opportunity, struggle, joy, difficulty, and transcendence. They offer information and inspiration while sharing real-life experiences about the joy and pain of being both Christian and gender-diverse to illustrate how each person’s enactment of their authentic self helps to create an environment that moves toward moral justice for all persons. Those who identify as gender-diverse or are struggling with their own identity will find this book a useful companion on their journey. It is also a valuable resource for those seeking to help their communities take the next steps toward a more just society.

Wipf & Stock, 2010

Crossing Over

Liberating the Transgendered Christian

In Crossing Over, Author Vanessa Sheridan reflects on her experience and the experiences of others in order to describe the realities and dispel the myths about those who are transgender. She urges the church to move beyond “compassionate condemnation” to embrace transgender individuals into the full life and ministry of the church. Using tenets of liberation theology, she encourages those who are transgender to seek sources of spiritual strength and join the struggle for justice in the church and in the larger society.

Pilgrim Press, 2001