About Vanessa Sheridan

Vanessa Sheridan is considered by many to be today’s leading expert on gender authenticity and transgender in the workplace. She is knowledgeable, experienced, and very, very good at what she does—and she does plenty. Vanessa has been providing high-quality transgender business services to organizations of all sizes since 1991. She is absolutely passionate about her work because she knows it makes a positive impact on people’s lives.

Vanessa is a lively, engaging speaker who always brings a message of equality and authenticity to her audiences. Metaphorical light bulbs often tend to form over people’s heads when Vanessa speaks. Need a keynote speaker for your event, conference, or corporate gathering? Do you want someone who is on the leading edge of transgender workplace issues? If so, then Vanessa Sheridan is your answer. Why settle for less? Hire the best. 

When it comes to consulting, Vanessa has worked with some of the biggest and best. From Manhattan to Washington, D.C. and from Chicago to San Diego, she has provided top quality consulting services to major corporations, federal government agencies, and nonprofit organizations. From providing expertise on corporate insurance/health care for transgender workers to coordinating successful employee workplace transitions to developing effective trans-inclusive workplace policies and guidelines, Vanessa Sheridan knows how to get the job done.

Is your organization in need of transgender awareness training? Do you want to enhance your organization’s culture? Improve recruiting and retention? Boost teamwork and morale? Positively impact the bottom line? Vanessa can help you get there. She understands how to reach people, how to address the mysteries and eliminate the confusion that often accompanies the transgender phenomenon, and how to move beyond misinformation toward respect and professionalism in the workplace. Organizations across the country can–and do–attest to her training expertise and the lasting value she creates.

Vanessa is the author of four published, pioneering books on transgender-related issues. She has performed copious research and is extremely knowledgeable about her field. Vanessa’s mentor once told her, “Your purpose in life is to discover your purpose in life.” She took that advice seriously. Vanessa believes that helping people by creating resources and providing truthful information about transgender persons is her life’s purpose, and she is totally committed to fulfilling it.

In her spare time, Vanessa loves to read, travel, go to movies, watch football (college and pro), and make music. She plays five instruments, sings, writes songs, and has written/recorded the scores for two documentary films. She has performed on stages across the country, and loves singing and playing for appreciative audiences. Vanessa lives in Chicago, Illinois. (She likes Chicago because it’s in the center of the country, allowing her to go anywhere in the nation fairly easily.)