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"You need to create an environment of integrity, trust and respect to make absolutely certain that everyone is treated fairly, regardless of the differences they may have. It's essential to be inclusive, because that keeps everyone on the same page when it comes to the business's long-term goals."

--Rob Sheehan, director, James MacGregor Burns Academy of Leadership

You're a busy person. You don't want--and don't have time for--a full-fledged education about organizational culture concerns. Instead, you want answers to your organization's business problems, and you want them quickly.

Vanessa Sheridan understands that. But she also knows that sometimes information--particularly factual information about a little known and much-misunderstood topic such as transgender in the workplace--can be an important key to finding those business answers that you're seeking. Fortunately, when it comes to transgender workplace issues Vanessa is ready to help you with the information you need.

Vanessa provides specialized assistance in her area of expertise to help organizations effectively address their human capital development issues, deal with mission challenges, and achieve their goals now and into the future.

Vanessa Sheridan speaking Vanessa is passionate about helping organizations:
  • boost the bottom line by strategically improving workplace productivity, leading to increased profitability.
  • educate management and employees about transgender, the "final frontier" in workplace human rights issues. Education is the foundation for your organization's experience with transgender concerns, but long-term application, growth and success are always the ultimate goals.
  • avoid costly litigation stemming from potential transgender discrimination complaints.
  • enhance the power of internal branding and organizational identification among all employees.
  • improve the quality of your organization's workforce and achieve a better return on your human capital investment.
  • attract and retain the brightest and best employees to your organization, regardless of their gender status, identity or expression.
  • gain a strong, competitive business advantage through increased knowledge, improved efficiency and strengthened organizational morale.
  • capitalize on new markets, since customer bases are becoming even more diverse than the workforce.
  • strategize practically and effectively to ensure your organization's continued progress, including the development of transgender non-discrimination employee policies.
  • develop a more dynamic workplace environment rooted in teamwork, respect and acceptance for all stakeholders.
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Corporate Consulting

Focusing on her primary area of expertise, transgender in the workplace™, Vanessa Sheridan is actively committed to helping people and organizations develop and implement effective strategies to achieve specific business goals. She uses consulting as a platform, a useful and effective way to analyze problems, develop solutions, and help bring about beneficial, productive cultural change for your organization.

  • Sometimes it's good to be from out of town. Every organization, including yours, needs strong insights and a fresh perspective when addressing business problems. Vanessa's professional transgender consulting services provide valuable and specialized information, innovative ideas and useful tactics to help business owners, CEO's and other management personnel achieve the progress, productivity and profitability they seek.
  • Vanessa will help your organization successfully create and implement a non-discrimination employee policy ensuring fairness and equality for all stakeholders, regardless of gender status, identity or expression.
  • Vanessa will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your specific organizational needs are identified, articulated and met, and that your business receives the most value for its investment.
  • Each of Vanessa's consulting projects are customized to the specific needs of the client. Her projects are conducted in a step-by-step approach involving continuous client input, and evaluated at the conclusion of each phase of the project.
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Professional Keynote Speaking/Organizational Presentations

An engaging and eloquent speaker, Vanessa Sheridan brings a practical, informative message of truth and integrity to organizations that care about justice and fair dealing for every worker.

  • Vanessa believes in the intrinsic value and potential of every human being. She is an untiring advocate for fairness and equality in every area of society, including our workplaces.
  • Vanessa brings her own unique mixture of enthusiasm and expertise to every group she addresses. Her depth of knowledge and conviction about the transgender experience helps clarify and emphasize key messages. She continually emphasizes the importance of human values as a necessary element for any organizational initiative.
  • By focusing on positive workplace behavior change and productivity, she motivates participants to take effective action. Vanessa's audiences are always informed and inspired by her enlightening, life-affirming presentations.
  • Contracting With Vanessa Sheridan As Your Keynote Speaker: 12 Ways To Make Your Life Easier
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Transgender Specialist/Inclusion Training

Workplace inclusion has become a routine part of conducting business in many of today's leading organizations. Issues such as sexual harassment, sexual orientation, ableism , ageism, and women's concerns are being addressed throughout the business community, providing significant benefits to organizations. However, there is one particular area of inclusion that most organizations have still not confronted: transgender in the workplace. Transgender is the last great human rights issue to be addressed in corporate America. It is an increasingly relevant business topic, and its time has come.

Vanessa Sheridan is today's premier business educator, speaker, and trainer specializing in the timely topic of transgender in the workplace™. No one is more knowledgeable or effective than she when it comes to sharing the transgender experience with a group or team.

  • With over a decade of professional speaking, writing, research and training experience, Vanessa is America's #1 expert on transgender in the workplace™.
  • As a knowledge specialist and the leader in her particular field, she works closely with HR/EEO/CLO professionals to ensure that time, money and energy are utilized effectively and productively.
  • Vanessa is well aware of the distinctions that exist within the training and development field, especially with regard to humanistic (learning and adult education) and behaviorist (performance improvement) aspects of the discipline. Given that awareness, she tailors her training efforts to meet the particular needs of your organization.
  • Her transgender awareness training seminars are engaging, memorable events that offer significant opportunities for involvement, learning and growth to every team member. Vanessa focuses on personal experiences, elevating awareness and knowledge training as the core of her seminars.
  • A key step to overcoming transgender concerns in the workplace is helping individuals look beyond stereotypes and generalizations and learn to recognize each other as individuals. Vanessa's seminars will help your people move toward increased respect and mutuality so they can work together more effectively.
  • Vanessa believes strongly in involving each participant through enjoyable, directed exercises and meaningful large and small group sharing. She offers a personalized, hands-on type of training that will make a powerful, lasting impact on every member of your group.

Don't miss this opportunity to benefit from the professional business services of America's leading authority on transgender in the workplace™. Your organization deserves the best, so contact Vanessa Sheridan today.


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Executive Coaching On Transgender Issues

Vanessa Sheridan enjoys working with CEO's, executives and other business leaders. She helps them develop their knowledge and expertise about transgender in ways that will strongly benefit their organizations. She understands the value of an informed, knowledgeable coach/guide who can support and assist business leaders as they act decisively for the people of their organizations.

Vanessa knows that an important aspect of leadership involves nurturing and supporting your organization's people. Nurturing people in an organizational business setting includes two distinctive leadership characteristics:

  • Empathy--When dealing with transgender issues on the job, empathy means becoming aware of and honestly attempting to understand the feelings and situations of transgender as well as non-transgender workers. Business leaders are at their best when their empathy allows them to discern and serve the needs of their people. Vanessa Sheridan will help you tap into this important leadership quality and assist you in developing effective, equitable strategies to handle transgender-in-the-workplace matters.
  • Responsibility--Responsibility is a social force that binds individuals to their obligations. An informed acceptance of responsibility can motivate leaders toward an appropriate course of action to meet those important obligations. Leadership responsibility involves being personally accountable for ethical decisions that affect the people of the organization. When issues of fairness for everyone in the organization are at stake, leaders must make firm, equitable decisions--and stick to them. Vanessa Sheridan helps business leaders position themselves to make strong decisions that lead to positive action.
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