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Transgender Awareness Training Seminars

"What happens when we claim our right to be fully human? Everyone benefits. Even those who feel superior, who demean and discount us, benefit when we claim our full humanity. When we refuse to accept degrading conditions and behaviors, those in power no longer have a target for their oppressive acts. Even if they want to continue in their old ways, we don't let them. Our refusal gives them the opportunity to explore new, more humane behaviors. They may not choose to change, but as we stand up for ourselves, we give them the chance to be more fully human as well. When we are courageous enough to honor ourselves, we offer everyone else their humanity."

--Margaret J. Wheatley, writer, visionary, speaker and corporate consultant

In the movie Animal House, the characters attended fictional Emil Faber College. Engraved on a marble slab in front of the administration building was the school motto: "Knowledge is good."

In the world of business, it's pretty hard to argue with that rather obvious statement, at least in principle. In fact, organizational success in today's marketplace primarily depends upon the acquiring, sharing, and effective use of knowledge.

But most organizations have relatively little knowledge of transgender issues, nor do they generally understand the impact of those issues on the workplace. That's why Vanessa Sheridan is bringing transgender awareness training seminars and events to organizations of all kinds. These engaging, informative seminars create value and help ease the way for positive cultural change. Vanessa's seminars will help your people:

  • Obtain the information and factual resources they need to better understand the transgender phenomenon and transgender workers.
  • Learn how to share that information and those resources as necessary to enhance and improve the organization's culture.
  • Discover how to use transgender information and resources to help your people successfully create a workplace where respect, equality and fairness are the expected standards for everyone.
Vanessa's custom-tailored transgender awareness training seminar will help your people change their attitudes and behaviors for the better. This is accomplished by focusing on personal experiences, small and large group discussions, informative exercises, and the sharing of important information.

Topics covered in Vanessa's seminar may include (but are certainly not limited to):

  • Gender-identity, role, expectations, behaviors
  • Understanding and appreciating the value of difference
  • Discussing and defining your organization's challenges in the workplace-sharing fears, concerns, ideas
  • The transgender experience at work
  • Communication skills-respectful conversation, proper pronouns, correct titles, listening skills
  • Moving from prejudice to cooperative teamwork
  • Creating a specific action plan
Before the training takes place, Vanessa will work closely with your management team to develop a training needs assessment and specific goals. (This is a critical step. After all, if you don't know what you're trying to do, how will you know when you've done it?)

Then she will produce an effective presentation to engage your people in a positive learning experience that meets the predetermined needs and goals. This experience will include various informative handouts that participants may keep; small and large group discussions that promote self-expression in an atmosphere of trust, safety and confidentiality; enlightening exercises; opportunities to share feelings, fears, concerns and ideas; and the development of an action plan for participants.

Afterward, Vanessa will continue to help your organization with a follow-up assessment and ongoing assistance as needed.

Value is created as people become more informed, aware, skilled and able to work together more effectively. This creation of value is why Vanessa Sheridan is your best choice for transgender awareness training.

Contact Vanessa today to discover how her transgender awareness training seminar can help the people of your organization create a more effective, team-oriented, productive and successful workplace culture.


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