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"Attitudes change in the workplace. Segregation changed in the work- place, and when companies started to do the right thing society changed. Today, when industry leaders do the right thing they are going to change the way America thinks and acts for the better."

--Peter Nee, banker

Vanessa's new book, The Complete Guide to Transgender in the Workplace, is the premier resource for organizations seeking to successfully navigate the waters of transgender inclusion. Order your copy today!

A remarkable social shift toward increased visibility for transgender workers is occurring in many organizations throughout corporate America. Vanessa's new book is designed to meet the informational needs of business professionals who are--or soon will be--addressing these significant workplace transgender issues. Transgender Journeys

Owners, CEO's, top and middle management, HR/EEO/CLO's and other training professionals, psychologists, corporate attorneys, coworkers and transgender employees will find this book to be an extremely useful tool for understanding the transgender phenomenon. The Complete Guide to Transgender in the Workplace is the guide for today's organizations as they address the leading-edge business issue of transgender workers.

Other Books by Vanessa Sheridan:

Transgender JourneysVanessa is the co-author (with Virginia Ramey Mollenkott, Ph.D.) of Transgender Journeys. This important book on transgender Christian spirituality was honored as a national Lambda Literary Award finalist in 2004.


Crossing Over: Liberating The Transgendered Christian Vanessa's Crossing Over: Liberating The Transgendered Christian was a double finalist for a 2002 national Lambda Literary award. This was the first book in history to be released by any mainstream publishing house--in this case, The Pilgrim Press of Cleveland, Ohio--on the specific topic of transgender Christian spirituality.


Cross Purposes: On Being Christian and Crossgendered Vanessa is also the author of Cross Purposes: On Being Christian and Crossgendered, a 1997 book that was instrumental in helping various mainline religious organizations more fully understand the transgender phenomenon. This book was used as a primary resource for studies of gender and sexuality by national religious denominational task forces.


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