Vanessa Sheridan: The Leading Authority on Transgender in the Workplace
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Vanessa Sheridan
Vanessa Sheridan
"The Transgender Expert"
The Complete Guide to Transgender in the Workplace

Author of "The Complete Guide to Transgender in the Workplace"

Order your copy of Vanessa Sheridan's groundbreaking new business book - the first volume on this leading edge topic ever to be released in hardcover by a major publisher!


The Leading Authority on
Transgender in the Workplace™

Could your organization profit from strategizing with a leading expert about the issue of transgender in the workplace? Perhaps you could use assistance from an experienced professional in crafting transgender-inclusive employee policies and/or organizational guidelines. Maybe your employees would benefit from a diversity training workshop experience that focuses on respect and equal rights for transgender employees and customers. Could your organization's people gain from hearing an informative, inspiring speaker on the topic of transgender?

If the answer to any of these business concerns is in the affirmative, then Vanessa Sheridan, "The Transgender Expert," is ready to help you successfully address your needs in this area.

Vanessa Sheridan is America's leading authority on transgender in the workplace, helping business leaders solve problems by overturning the mysteries and cutting through the myths that surround the transgender phenomenon.

Vanessa always begins by listening carefully to your concerns and ideas. She will collaborate with you to discern your business needs and develop a specific action plan that successfully addresses your organization's transgender inclusion challenges.

Discover how Vanessa Sheridan can help your people embrace the inclusive human values upon which great organizations are built:


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